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A brass hook that faithfully reproduces the texture and texture of antiques. Since it is processed by hand, each piece has a unique expression. Since it is a type that screws from the front, it can be easily installed anywhere. In addition, brass does not rust, so it can be used safely outdoors. It is a DIY item that expands the range depending on your ideas, such as hanging small items in the entrance or kitchen, or attaching it side by side to wood to create an original shelf.

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Size (mm): W20 D70 H96

Color: Black

Material: Brass

Accessories: Mounting screws *Made of iron (it may rust.)


  • There is an error in the size.
  • There may be scratches or chips on the surface.
  • The texture and texture of the surface may differ depending on the arrival, so it may differ from the photo.
  • Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in size, texture, and texture.
  • "Black" may peel off the paint if it hits hard objects.
  • Due to the antique processing, "black" may be discolored to white or green in some places.
  • The included screws are made of iron and may rust. Especially when using in a place where water splashes, such as outdoors, prepare screws made of rust-resistant material separately.
  • Attach it to the wood. For gypsum board walls, be sure to install where there are underlying pillars.
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