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christmas tree bag

christmas tree bag

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size W1000 D50 H40mm

christmas tree bag

We have created an original special bag to store your precious Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are made of iron pipes and materials with thin ends. Cardboard boxes are made of paper, so they can get scratched or have holes. It is a material that is sensitive to humidity. Both the box and the tree itself will deteriorate, so we recommend placing them in a special bag.

This storage bag not only prevents deterioration but also has excellent functionality, making it a product that will help you prepare for Christmas and shorten your storage time.

Point 1: Coloring that blends in with the interior

Christmas items often have primary colors such as red and green. Even though it is a storage bag, it has an elegant color so that you can enjoy the special time from Christmas preparation to storage as much as possible.

Comes with a "GENUINE" tag, proof of ANTRY's original product.

The zipper is also easy to open.

Point 2: Large size with plenty of storage

Compatible with all sizes of ANTRY original trees. The branches and legs of the tree can be disassembled and easily stored as is. Rustic tree covers can also be stored as is.

It has ample capacity, so if you have a 140cm or 150cm size tree, you can store Christmas supplies such as lights and illuminations all at once.

Please use a special ornament storage box to store glass ornaments.

Point 3: Made of durable material that won't break easily even when carrying heavy items

The material is sturdy oxford material. It has an elegant and supple texture.

Comes with a shoulder strap. It also comes with a fixing strap and side handle, making it easy to carry.

material Polyester oxford fabric, PVC board
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