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ornament box

ornament box

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size Body: W355 D355mm
Tray: W355 D355 H80mm
Storage part: W80 D80mm

ornament box

We created an original storage box to store your precious ornaments, lights, and Christmas accessories.

This product is convenient for organizing and storing ornaments. It has 3 stacked removable trays with partitions to protect delicate Christmas items.

Not only does it prevent deterioration, but it is also highly functional. You don't have to wrap each glass ornament in bubble wrap, just put them inside the compartment. Greatly reduces Christmas preparation and storage time.

Point 1: Coloring that blends in with the interior

Christmas items often have primary colors such as red and green. Although it is a storage bag, it has an elegant color so that you can enjoy the special time from preparing for Christmas to storing it.

Comes with a "GENUINE" tag, proof of ANTRY's original product.

The zipper is also easy to open.

Point 2: Easy to organize and store

A total of 48 ornaments can be stored, 16 per tray x 3 trays.

The partitions can be removed, so you can fit a set of compact Christmas supplies such as the Urho mini tree, tabletop size tree, and paper tree.

Please use a Christmas tree bag to store your ANTRY original tree.

Point 3: Durable material that will not lose its shape

The material is durable oxford material. It has an elegant and supple texture.

Comes with a strap for convenient carrying. The sturdy storage tray allows the box to maintain its shape and fit neatly into a closet or storage space.

material Polyester Oxford fabric, PE board, PP board, PVC board Divider: Paper
specification - 3 trays - 1 tray can store 16 pieces, total of 48 pieces - Dividers can be removed - Tray can be folded
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.
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