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ornament value set

ornament value set

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size Diamond shape (A-1~7): Approximately W75 H100mm
Drop type (B-1~7): Approx. W75 H100mm
Ball type (C-1~4, E-1~2): Approx. W75 H100mm
Onion type (D-1~6); Approx. W75 H90mm
*Height (H) is the length from the metal fittings to the bottom of the ornament.
*There may be slight differences in size depending on the individual.
set content 1 box contains 12 pieces *The combination of each set is random.

A limited edition special set of 12 ANTRY standard glass ornaments.

I look forward to seeing which ornaments are included◎
This set has a uniform color, so you can create a wonderful Christmas decoration just by placing it on a tree, garland, etc.

WHITE SET -White Set-

A well-balanced set of matte white and clear ornaments. White can give a gentle or sophisticated impression. It easily blends in with the surrounding colors and matches a variety of coordinations.

GLITTER SET -Glitter Set-

This set is filled with glitter that gives off a high-quality feel. The sparkle will enhance the holiday mood. It's ANTRY's signature sparkle that has a presence without being too flashy.

BLACK SET A・B -Black Set-

A set based on stylish black and clear. Although it has a modern impression, it also has a certain warmth that can only be achieved by handmade items. You can enjoy black coordination without being too cool.

About the product

Ornaments eligible for the white set
12 randomly →
White set combination example

Each set will include 12 randomly selected ornaments.
Example) For white set, 12 pieces from A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2, C-1, C-2, D-1, D-2.
*We cannot accept requests for combinations or ornaments. note that.

ANTRY's glass ornaments are handmade items that are carefully finished by glass craftsmen. The fluctuations and bubbles unique to glass have a nostalgic and warm texture.

We paid particular attention to the vintage feel, down to the details such as the brass-style clasp and leather strap. Although it is easy to break, it does not deteriorate easily, so you can use it for a lifetime.

There may be uneven coloring, marks from the manufacturing process, and small scratches that are unique to handmade work, but it is different from a uniform finish, and you can enjoy the taste of human hands.

Material Glass, leather strap, iron plating
Color Ornaments eligible for WHITE SET
Ornaments eligible for GLITTER SET
BLACK SET A target ornament
BLACK SET B target ornaments
  • This is a set of ornaments only. Trees, tree boxes, lights, etc. sold separately. Also, each ornament in the set is not sold separately.
  • Forcibly removing the metal parts may cause damage.
  • You may hear the rattling sound of small pieces of glass.
  • Due to the characteristics of the product, the shape and color of the fasteners may vary depending on the item.
  • This product has individual differences in size and finish.
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