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Teak tree cover

Teak tree cover

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External dimensions: approx. W345 D345 H250mm
Inner dimensions: approx. W325 D325 H250mm

External dimensions: approx. W380 D380 H300mm
Inner dimensions: approx. W360 D360 H300mm

A wooden tree cover that enhances the appearance of your Christmas tree.

A tree cover with a clean look made from rare recycled teak wood. Two sizes are available to match the ANTRY original Christmas tree.

Using a cover will improve the stability of the tree and create an authentic tree appearance, as if you put a real tree inside the plant cover.

The material is ``recycled teak,'' which is a new revival of teak, a high-quality wood that has been used for furniture and interior decoration materials for many years. The deep texture is attractive. We purposely preserved the roughness that is unique to the handiwork of craftsmen and the flavor that comes with aging.

Both 150 and 180 are sized to fit A4 size. After Christmas, it is a multi-purpose item that can be used as a bookshelf, display shelf, or side table.

[About recycled teak]

  • Dowel holes, screw holes, scratches, etc. can be seen in many places. Please note.
  • Teak wood has the ability to adjust moisture in the air, and expands and contracts repeatedly. The moisture content rises and falls depending on the environment, and its size and shape change easily, resulting in gaps in seams, warping, bending, and cracks.
  • There may be chips or small scratches when the product arrives, but this is unavoidable due to the nature of the material. note that.
Material recycled teak
  • Teak wood expands and contracts repeatedly due to its humidity control effect. Old wood is also living wood, so its moisture content fluctuates depending on the environment, and its size and shape change easily. As a result, gaps between seams, warping, bending, and cracks may occur.
  • Please note that applying a load or subjecting it to strong shocks such as dropping it may cause distortion or damage. Also, they are not designed for stacking, so please be careful not to fall over when using them one on top of the other.
  • If there is wobbling, please change the top and bottom or use furniture felt or rugs to adjust it.
  • Because old wood is used, there are many cracks, chips, cracks, scratches, dowel holes, screw holes, etc. This is unavoidable due to the nature of the material. Please note.
  • Although this product has large individual differences, we cannot accept requests for color or characteristics at our online store.
  • If you order online, we cannot pick it up at the store.
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