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LED wire light blink

LED wire light blink

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A star-like wire light with sparkling light particles

A beautiful decoration light with an elegant shine that is not too overpowering. The small lights that decorate the tree go well with ANTRY's original glass ornaments.

You can easily select from 8 types of light, including faint lighting, lively flickering, and MIX mode, with a compact switch.

It supports both USB and AC, so you can use it for long periods of time without worrying.

Since you can bend the wire into any shape you like, you can enjoy various arrangements such as hanging it on a Christmas tree, hanging it along a frame, or stuffing it into glass, making it easy to incorporate illumination into your interior.

size 10m (for 140-180cm tree): 100 LED lights (power consumption: 3W)
1.5m (for tabletop tree): 30 LED lights (power consumption: 1.8W)
Material LED light
specification 8 levels of blinking adjustment
accessories USB connection type AC adapter
  • Please read the instructions on the outer box carefully before use.
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