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ANTRY recommended ornament [for Huone]

ANTRY recommended ornament [for Huone]

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We have collected recommended ornaments carefully selected by ANTRY.

ANTRY original glass ornaments are popular every year with their rich designs and variations. Recommended for those who are confused about the combination or those who want to incorporate the Huone Christmas Tree styling proposed by ANTRY into their interior.

Divided into three color tones: silver tone, gold tone, and brown tone. You can purchase them individually, so you can combine them as you like◎

Enjoy the wonderful Christmas season with luxurious ornaments that will lift your mood.

※The image is an image. The actual number may differ.

About the product

This product has uneven coloring, marks from the manufacturing process, and small scratches that are unique to handmade products. Also, the finish is not uniform, and there are individual differences in the way the pattern appears and the thickness of the lines. Please note that this is a characteristic of the product.

Material Glass, leather strap, iron plating
  • This is a set of ornaments only. Tree, tree box and lights sold separately.
  • Some products may leave fine glitter on your hands or clothing if you touch them, so please handle with care.
  • Forcibly removing the metal parts may cause damage.
  • You may hear the rattling sound of small pieces of glass.
  • Due to the characteristics of the product, the shape and color of the fasteners may vary depending on the item.
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