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Ludvika wall clock

Ludvika wall clock

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A wall clock that looks like a relief with radiating steps that create delicate shadows.

We incorporated wood material not only for the frame but also for the hour hand, and were conscious of the natural color balance. The dial is smooth to the touch and has an ivory color that gives it a warm impression. The unevenness that repeats around the center is reminiscent of a spiral staircase or flower petals. The sharpness of the angle creates delicate yet dramatic shadows.

The wood frame that peeks out slightly from the front gives the whole thing a natural impression.
The hour hand is also made of wood to match the frame.

It uses a silent movement that does not make the sound of the second hand, so you can use it without hesitation even in quiet places such as your bedroom.

The shade of the shadow changes depending on the direction and strength of the light, allowing you to enjoy a variety of expressions.

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Size: W30×H30×D3cm

Weight: 1.1kg

Material: polyresin, wood

Movement: Sweep movement

Accessories: Wooden screws for wall mounting included


  • Please use AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • There may be slight scratches, small hangnails, dirt, etc. that occur during manufacturing. We have inspected the product before packaging it, so it is within the range of good quality. Please note.
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