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ren I hook

ren I hook

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I type hook attached to the wall with screws

"Ren" means "clean" in Danish.
It is an iron parts series that combines simplicity and functional beauty.

The hooks sticking out diagonally from the wall like branches are a design that is both simple and humorous. It is perfect for hanging small items such as luggage and clothes, and can be used as an eco-friendly bag at the entrance or in the kitchen, or as a hat or stole.

The ren series is characterized by its stylish yet comfortable feel.
The iron bar, which draws a smooth trajectory, has rounded edges and corners to gently snuggle up to the user.
The black color, which tightens the space, goes well with any interior style.
If used in conjunction with other ren series, a sense of unity will be created.

[Product Details]

Size: About W7 x D46 x H98mm

Material: Iron

Accessories: screws

★Precautions for installation★
The attached screw is a screw with a taste in the design. Therefore, please use screws that match the material of the installation location. Also, if the material of the wall to be installed is a hollow structure (gypsum board), use board anchors and screws that match the thickness of the board.

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