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LADDER BRACKET ※Limited stock

LADDER BRACKET ※Limited stock

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This is a product that allows you to easily create a ladder shelf that can be leaned diagonally.

It is a product that allows you to easily create a smart ladder shelf by using 2 x 4 lumber and "SHELVING STAY ANGLED 10°" (sold separately). 2x4 lumber You can easily create an angled pillar by setting it under two feet. By leaning it against the wall and using it as a ladder shelf pillar, anyone can easily create their own ladder shelf.

A ladder shelf with a temporary casualness that "stands diagonally", unlike the permanent "PILLAR BRACKET" that is "tightened" and fixed. It can be leaned diagonally, so it fits perfectly in small spaces such as entrances, hallways, dead spaces in rooms, etc.

By all means, please try to make your own ladder shelf that suits you. I hope that it will blend into your life smartly.

[Product Details]

Size: W92×D40mm (2 pieces)

*We recommend purchasing "SHELVING STAY ANGLED 10°" together.

[How to use the LADDER BRACKET]

1. Prepare two 2x4 lumber of the same length. Attach the "LADDER BRACKET" to both 2 x 4 materials, and fix by driving screws into the two holes on the side.
2. At the place where the ladder shelf will be installed, lean the two 2x4 lumbers made in 01 with the "LADDER BRACKET" facing down.

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